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The garlic varieties that Maria Lorine Bombal cultivates are: white garlic and purple garlic.
These are sow between March and May and its harvest takes place in December.
The packing takes place at the company’s packaging store; the bulbs are selected and classified according to its size and distributed in boxes of different weight. They are also packed according to a meticulous selection in order to fulfill the quality that our clients deserve.

White Garlic

  • Silver clove wrapping.
  • Late maturation.
  • Dry consuming.
  • Its flavor is softer than the purple’s one.

Purple Garlic

  • Purple clove wrapping (this pigmentation goes straight to the cloves changing its color)
  • Thick and short cloves.
  • Early maturation.
  • Stronger flavor.


Maria Lorine Bombal cultivates its walnut trees in the best and more favorable natural environment: the intermountain Mendoza’s valleys. There the production takes place under favorable conditions and appropriates technologies, not only with a high performance but, also, with an overhead quality.

Chandler Walnut

  • Big size and light colored grain.
  • Oval shape.
  • Excellent quality.

Hartley Walnut

  • Light colored grains.
  • Particular conical shape (which identifies it easily)
  • High quality.