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Cherries, quality product

In the Valle de Tupungato, Mendoza, the company Maria Lorine Bombal has a huge and varied cherries production, from which the Bing cherry and the Rainier Cherrie stand out.
All the products that are cultivated in this region have the best natural conditions for its development and are worked with safe technologies for the environment and for the crop.

Cherries, quality product


Quality in cherries

  • Intense red color with a shine enhanced by the sun of the mountains.
  • Strong, red and juicy pulp.
  • Famous for its extraordinary “crunch” and its sweet flavor.
  • Thanks to the location of our orchards, its crops can grow without the incidence from plagues and diseases; this allows the harvest to be chemical free keeping alive the natural essence from the region.


The tastiest bicolor cherry

  • Light colored and average firm pulp.
  • Delicate and soft texture.
  • The crop’s technology and the place’s conditions allow it to have excellent qualities: high sugar contain, harmonious and balanced flavor, soft red and brilliant color exceptional size.
  • It preserves its freshness and delicate flavor because of being harvested and packaged carefully.