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María Lorine Bombal. Cherries, Potatoes, Garlic, Walnuts and more.

Thanks to its location, each one of the products that are cultivated in “La Carrera” is characterized for its excellent sanitary qualities that make them appropriate for export.
As it is located far away from any kind of pollution, at the foot of the Andes; and is irrigated with pure, clear, crystalline water from the thaws; it has low incidence of plagues and/or illnesses making the use of chemical products unnecessary; for all this and the land’s characteristics the commercialization of optimum quality products is possible.


In the Valle de Tupungato, Mendoza, the company Maria Lorine Bombal has a huge and varied cherries production, from which the Bing cherry and the Rainier Cherrie stand out.


In the highest area of the Valle de Tupungato, the company Maria Lorine Bombal produces its own seeds with the highest technology. The most cultivated potatoes varieties are: spunta, kennebec, bright, primicia and diamante, standing out the first two (spunta and kenebeck).

Garlic and Walnuts

Maria Lorine Bombal cultivates its walnut trees in the best and more favorable natural environment: the intermountain Mendoza’s valleys.