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María Lorine Bombal. Cherries, Potatoes, Garlic, Walnuts and more.

Our beginning

Jean Bombal, an army officer, was born in Limoges, at the center of France. Young and enthusiastic, in the first decades of the XVIII century he decides to undertake the adventure of travelling to America. At his arrival to the once called “Virreynato del Río de la Plata” he starts to interact with families from the highest linage. He meets and marries María Sastre Lynch, high society woman, with whom he has a son: Juan Bombal.

Juan Bombal settles in Mendoza around 1760. He meets Isabel Valenzuela and in 1779 they decided to get married. From this marriage, Ignacio was born, the youngest of four brothers. Ignacio serves in the army in two different opportunities: as a lefttenant in Mendoza´s Cavalry, and as Captain from the Civics’ militia “Los Blancos”. Ignacio Bombal marries Ramona Ugarte and they have 6 children: Domingo is one of them.

As an active member of Mendoza’s politic, Domingo Bombal Ugarte was named interim governor in several occasions between 1863 and 1890. Being a diplomatic man, he had the support of different political parties, even when these were adversaries. Domingo marries Nemesi Videla and they have a son, Ignacio Bombal Videla. Nemesi dies tragically at the earthquake that shook Mendoza in 1861. Six years later, he falls in love again and marries Delfina Obrador, with whom he has three other children.
Ignacio Bombal Videla dedicated his life to law, as a judge, as a chamber member and a senator. In 1887 he married Lucila Barrionuevo Pescara and had two children: Domingo Lucas and María Mercedes. After his premature death, Lucila became responsible for the family business; in 1914 with Pedro Bombal Obredor´s help and initiating the family wine production, she established a winery. In time, her son, Domingo Lucas, is the one that takes the family business under his care.

Domingo Lucas Bombal Barrionuevo, was born in Mendoza in 1892. Seven years later he travels to England and lives there until he turns seventeen. He goes to Eaton where he receives a thorough education. After this, he completes his studies at Cambridge University. There he meets his first wife, Betty Skahalig, who dies leaving him without any children. Later, he marries Katherine West and has two daughters with her.

When he returns to Mendoza, he takes control of the family business which had grown considerably: it was no longer a single winery, but huge amounts of properties in Mendoza, Santa Fe and San Luis. Among the ones in Mendoza, one of the most important was a country estate: “La carrera” located in Tupungato.

In 1957 Domingo Lucas dies. His youngest daughter, María Lorine Bombal, follows his steps running the family business (which includes country states, wineries, vineyards, etc). From that time on she became the company’s known name.