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María Lorine Bombal. Cherries, Potatoes, Garlic, Walnuts and more.

Tradition, Progress and Prestige

As a combination between tradition and progress, the company “María Lorine Bombal” has dedicated itself to grow vegetables and vineyards, among others. The company is famous for it excellence at cultivation, development and elaboration of high quality products.

Nowadays, the members of Bombal´s family are the ones in charge of this traditional company that, in its 40.000 hectares, develops different activities related with the growing of fruits and vegetables, and agriculture (especially cereals).

From all these activities, the fruit and vegetables production stand out. Among these, the most relevant are: potatoes (around 400/500 units per year) and cherries.

The company María Lorine Bombal has its own cold-storage unit and packaging facility inside its property, allowing a meticulous control of each stage of the production process: from its sowing until its commercialization.